Screening Process

Presenting Companies are professionally screened by Nutrition Capital Network Principals. NCN Principals and Selection Committee members each have over 15 years of experience in the nutrition industry. Typically 80-100 business plans are reviewed in preparation for an NCN meeting. The top 18-24 applicants are invited to present and are professionally coached prior to the meeting.

NCN Selection Process & Committee

Applications to present at NCN meetings are evaluated and rated independently by each of NCN’s 23 selection committee members. The committee then meets, validates to-be-invited companies, determines prospects requiring further follow-up and assigns a prinicipal to engage with candidate companies. Once companies are selected, principals are assigned to support business planning, document preparation, presentation materials, matched introductions and meeting follow-up.

NCN Selection Committee members include NCN founders Steve Allen, Grant Ferrier and Tom Aarts; Executive Director Mike Dovbish; and Greg Horn, Matthew Roberts, Steven Schultz, Lara Burns, Lyn Thwaites, Marie Benedix, Carlos Barroso, Ian Newton, Tim Avila, Bev Emerson, Ed Hauck, Lauren Clardy, Keith Kohler, Mike Burgmaier, Bob Burke, David Thibodeau, Keith Kohler, Geoff Margolis, Brad Barnhorn and Jim Tonkin.