Ivan Abrams

President, Abrams & Company, Inc.

Ivan is a highly successful banker and entrepreneur, with over two decades of management and leadership experience. During his career, he has built his private debt fund, Abrams & Company, Inc., into one of the leading sources of working capital financing, and advisory support, to emerging food and beverage brands, and to the broader CPG industry.
Over the past 20 years, Ivan has been actively involved in the structuring and funding of hundreds of transactions, and has advised many clients on a myriad of operational, leadership and strategic matters.
Abrams & Company focuses its initial funding on early stage brands with annual sales from $1MM to $10MM. Funding engagements range in size from $100,000 to $15,000,000, with the firm’s largest clients projecting to reach $35MM and $70MMM in annual sales during 2018.
Beyond being a significant source of capital, Ivan’s primary expertise is working closely with private equity firms, boards, and management teams, to help emerging brands scale, and increase their valuations in preparation for exit.
Ivan is also a frequent public speaker, having served as both a guest lecturer at New York University, and as an expert for the Department of Commerce, on international manufacturing concerns. He has been interviewed by major news organizations and trade journals such as Bloomberg, Crain’s and the Secured Lender, and has served as a senior advisor to the Bareburger Group.
Ivan was born in New York City, conducted his studies at the Annenberg School, and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been an active little league coach, and enjoys skiing, diving, tennis, spinning, as well as many other activities with his wife Ellen, and their children, Oscar and Josie. Ivan, Ellen, their kids, and their dog, Archer, live in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.