Custom Meetings

Cultivating the flow of new ideas through novel ingredients, technologies, product concepts and brands

Our custom meetings (Innovation Partnering Meetings) aim to encourage an exchange of knowledge, to foster a dynamic ecosystem and to give entrepreneurs the possibility to connect with an established global pioneer in health and wellness. Through a single or multiple day Innovation Meeting, Nutrition Capital Network works with organizations to develop an event with a curated roster of presenting companies.

NCN partners with the host company to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce regional sales and marketing decision makers and corporate to highly relevant innovations sourced externally with a special proven methodology
  • To select 1-3 legitimate business opportunities for investment, partnership, license or acquisition in early-stage technical development or venturing
  • To create a pipeline and process to attract and source leads from multiple sources for ongoing evaluation by the business units
  • To promote and further establish the company as the magnet or lightning rod for technology innovation and development in human health and nutrition with the introduction of a spirited competition for entrepreneurs, scientists, and product developers
  • Successfully identify a large number of companies that want to present: build the funnel or a rich database of prospects

How do we accomplish this?

  • Working with the client to identify the search criteria
  • Manage the solicitation process, initial screening and follow-up with applicants
  • Coordination and cataloging of third-party referrals and leads
  • Develop the formation of the selection committee and subsequent communication and ratings, discussion and eventual coordination of the selection process of the final contestants
  • Mentor the chosen presenting companies on their business plan submission and in-person presentation

NCN has successfully engaged in several of these projects in the US, but also in Europe and South America and has the capability to conduct these services in Asia as well.

To learn more about this service, please contact Mike Dovbish