NCN Investment Scope

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) serves companies and investors in the Nutrition Industry (see definition below), including Dietary Supplements, Natural & Organic foods, Functional Foods, Natural & Organic personal care, and household goods and Ingredient Companies. We also screen companies in Healthy Foods, Health & Fitness, Green Products, and Consumer Internet & Mobile IT Solutions that support our industry segments.

The Nutrition Industry

  • DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition and specialty supplements (including homeopathic remedies) in any form
  • NATURAL FOODS: Free of pesticides, additives, preservatives and refined ingredients to varying degrees
  • FUNCTIONAL FOODS: Fortified with added or concentrated ingredients to a functional level to improve health or performance, and products marketed for inherent functional qualities. May qualify for a Qualified Health Claim. Products include fortified beverages, soymilk, sports and energy drinks, nutrition bars, fortified snack foods, baby foods, baby formula, substantially enriched cereals breads, and prepared meals.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC PERSONAL CARE (NPC) & HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Health and beauty products derived from natural sources and that are, to varying degrees, free of pesticides, additives, preservatives and refined ingredients. Includes shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-up and other natural toiletries. Household goods include cleaning supplies, paper products, pet foods, clothing & linens, flowers, etc.
  • ACROSS THE SUPPLY CHAIN: For nutrition industry products, as above, NCN not only considers manufacturers and branded product marketers but also companies across the supply chain from raw materials to value-added ingredients to contract manufacturers, distribution, retail and direct-to-consumer sales companies.
  • TECHNOLOGY: delivery, apps, e-commerce, etc.

Other Wellness & Green Product Segments

  • HEALTHY FOODS: In addition to functional foods and natural & organic foods, NCN also considers the broader Healthy Foods category, which includes “lesser-evil” foods or foods with less calories, fat, sugar, salt, carbohydrates, etc. Branded companies are of most interest, but service companies from packaged meals to restaurants and fast foods to institutional food supply are also considered.
  • CONSUMER INTERNET & MOBILE IT SOLUTIONS: Online marketplaces, health & nutrition related software applications, online diet programs, etc.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS: Exercise & fitness equipment; gyms, health clubs & fitness centers; yoga centers/instructors; day spas; and complementary & alternative medicine, including chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy and ayurveda
  • GREEN PRODUCTS: Green products & services include but are not limited to drinking water systems (point-of-use), air quality filters & home air purifiers, energy efficient lightbulbs, super-efficient appliances, home solar energy systems, compost & organic gardening supplies, hybrid cars, other electric/alternative fuel vehicles, sustainable timber products & supply, finished consumer goods from recycled materials, home energy efficiency testing/consulting/audits, eco-tourism, carbon offsets, and educational materials including books, tapes, CDs, classes, and software.
  • GREEN BUILDINGS: Green developments, green building: design & construction, green building materials (for resource efficiency, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, etc.)