Presenter Update: Suja

Suja is launching its organic kombucha line at select Costco stores in July.

Suja Organic Kombuchas are flavored with the company’s cold-pressed juices. According to a Bevnet interview with CEO Jeff Church, Suja uses a proprietary filtration system that filters out remnants of the bacterial culture used to make kombucha, in addition to testing independently for alcohol and sugar content. The kombucha drinks join Suja’s portfolio of organic cold pressed juices and smoothies, probiotic waters and drinking vinegars. Suja was a presenting company at the NCN XII investor meeting in 2013. Suja investors include NCN Cornerstone Investor members Alliance Consumer Growth and The Coca-Cola Company. Other early investors include Boulder Brands and then Participant Media, and Evolution Media Capital along with individuals Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Sofia Vergara.