NCN-NPC Investor Meeting Canada

NCN-NPC Investor Meeting Canada
June 20-21, 2017
The Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Downtown
475 Yonge Street, Toronto  Ontario, M4Y 1X7  Canada
Tuesday June 20: 1pm to 5.30pm: Conference then reception 5.30-7.30pm
Wednesday, June 21: 8:30-5pm: Company presentations then one-on-one meetings

NCN-NPC Investor Meeting Canada

Nutrition Capital Network announces the inaugural NCN-NPC Investor Meeting Canada on June 20-21, 2017 in Toronto. Canada is a relatively untapped market for investors in early stage natural product and nutrition science companies with well-managed government funding and support networks available for entrepreneurs and technology developers. At NCN Canada I, 20 companies from across North America will present their business plans on June 21 after a half-day conference and evening networking event the night before.

For the NCN-NPC Investor Meeting, NCN is partnering with Natural Products Canada (NPC), a Canada-wide network of companies, investors, research institutes, and innovation and commercialization experts that bolsters commercialization in Canada’s natural products industry.

Day One: On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 20, attendees will have access to industry leaders and insider insights in the Market Insights Session addressing trends in the nutrition,  health & wellness industry, and natural products industries. This is followed by a networking reception.

1-1.30: NCN Introduction: Nutrition, Natural Products and Health & Wellness Industry Overview 2017: Market Fundamentals; Deal Flow, Financing and M&A; Trends in Canada
Presenter: Grant Ferrier, Nutrition Capital Network

1.30-1.45: NPC Introduction: Program Objectives & Resources; Investment Approach
Presenter: Shelley King, Natural Products Canada

1.45-2.15: Key Market & Product Trends and Consumer Insights for Brand and Ingredients
How current trends are impacting product development, launches, marketing, branding, advertising, demographic targeting and social media.
Presenter: Jeff Hilton, BrandHive

2.15-2.45: Raising the Bar on Science
How a strategic approach to product claims and clinical trials can result in a cost effective way to separate products, technology and ingredients based on enduring IP assets.
Panelists: Najla Guthrie, KGK Science; Kyley Paul, NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting

3.30-4.30: Investor Panel: M&A, Venturing, Partnering & Incubation:
Leading North America nutrition science and supplement companies provide perspective on how they approach acquisitions, partnerships and investments and what they find compelling about Canadian markets and companies.
Panelists: Vern Christensen, Nutraceutical Corp.; Scott Woodruff, Nature’s Way

4.30-5.15 – Alumni Panel: Past NCN Presenters provide perspective on the process and challenges of raising capital for science-based or unique-sourced products in nutrition
Panelists: Michael Bentley, SierraSil; Gordon Ngan, Sinoveda

5:15 Introduction of the NPC Board & June 21 Presenters


Day Two: On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 18 presenting companies, sourced and primed by Nutrition Capital Network and Natural Products Canada, will present business plans and their case for capital, partnership, or acquisition to an audience of qualified investors. In the afternoon, companies and investors will meet one-on-one. There will also be ample time to network during breaks and lunch.

Presenting Company Snapshot Profiles
Synthetic biology, specialized in production of natural ingredients for cosmetics and flavour and fragrance industry

$1-3mil Patent protected sourcing of shrimp oil nutrient from Newfoundland shrimp by-products

The world’s first 100% bio-based firefighting gel water additive.

$7 to 10mil certified natural and organic personal care products

Patented innovative building construction system using a by-product from industrial hemp production.

Connected nutrient delivery appliance that analyzes health data that dispense a personalized nutritional drink

Development and commercialization of natural products in the neurology space

organic, paleo, raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and nut free snacks

$1 million natural sweeteners, unique process and ingredients results in superior taste profile

Algae producer for nutraceutical and fish meal substitute uses

A complete line of more than 50 semi solid foods for people having severe difficulty swallowing, a condition called DYSPHAGIA

$2-3 mil producer of xylitol, a premium low-calorie sweetener

Vertically integrated ahiflower oil producer

$3-5 million omnidegradable plastic packaging solution

$3 million brand of roasted chickpeas, camelina oil and pea pops

Agricultural biomass converted into biocarbon products for body care, animal nutrition, and horticulture.

Innovative brand of a line of Coffee Leaf Teas.

Raw wrap ‘tortillas’ made from all organic ingredients


About Natural Products Canada
Natural Products Canada (NPC) is a not-for-profit Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research of natural products. Its goal is to leverage Canada’s strengths in research, development and commercialization of natural products. It has a broad focus on: functional foods and food ingredients; nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals; agricultural products, animal feed ingredients and veterinary care products; and green replacements for chemically derived products. The nationwide NPC network includes companies, investors, research institutes, and innovation and commercialization experts. Drawing on a rich pipeline of natural products and natural product technologies, NPC provides services from its four pillars: Connect, Evaluate, Accelerate, and Invest to help bring products to market faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.