Nutrition Capital Network Principals & Selection Committee Members

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) is made up of a core group of founders and principals, augmented by the Selection Committee that helps to qualify dealflow and mentor presenting companies, as well as engage investors and corporate partners. The experience of NCN’s team ensures a measured perspective for presenting companies, and realistic prospects for their role in the nutrition and health & wellness industry.

Each meeting cycle applications are reviewed and companies rated by the committee, and candidates are often interviewed by a committee member. Upon selection a presenting company is assigned a mentor from this list to support the 4-page business plan and presentation documents.

Meet NCN Principals & Selection Committee Members

  • Grant Ferrier
  • Thomas D. Aarts
  • Mike Dovbish
  • Steve Allen
  • Greg Horn
  • Selection Committee Members
  • Carlos Barroso
  • Edward Hauck
  • Matthew Roberts
  • Steven Schultz
  • Lara Burns
  • Marie Benedix
  • Tim Avila
  • Ian Newton
  • Beverly Emerson
  • David Thibodeau
  • Bob Burke
  • James S. Tonkin
  • Brad Barnhorn
  • Lauren Sandberg-Clardy
  • Dr Geoffrey Margolis
  • Keith Kohler
  • Eric Schnell
  • Michael Burgmaier
  • John Maggiore
  • Maura Mitchell
  • Debbie Wildrick
  • Tera Johnson
  • Chris Humberstone
  • Michael Hammer
  • Herb Heller
  • David Benzaquen
  • Pat Schneider
  • Peter Wennstrom
  • Brent Knudsen
  • Michael Movitz